The Greenwell Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing accessible and inclusive programs, services and facilities for all community members, with and without disabilities, in Southern Maryland. The Foundation operates in Greenwell State Park, a 600-acre property located along the lower Patuxent River in Hollywood, Maryland.

Greenwell operates the Equestrian, Nature Time, and Summer Camp programs. Annually, more than 40,000 people visit the park, hundreds of  people participate in our programs, and more than 1,000 people use our accessible facilities for family events and celebrations.


Mission, Vision, & Commitments

Our Vision:
The Greenwell Foundation will demonstrate the possibilities available to all individuals when accessibility and inclusiveness are made a priority.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Greenwell Foundation, Inc. is to provide programs for people with and without disabilities in an inclusive, outdoor environment.

Our Commitments:
– To include people with disabilities in all parts of the Greenwell Foundation operation.
– To support people in gaining skills and personal growth.
– To seek every opportunity to develop and maintain strong community partnerships.


Inclusive and Accessible

The Greenwell Foundation’s programs are specifically designed to ensure that people with all types of disabilities are able to participate without focusing on the person’s disability.

Additionally, Greenwell hopes to give people who may not have a disability insight that allows them to know that people are people first.

The Greenwell philosophy defines inclusion as more than removing physical barriers or “allowing” people with disabilities to participate. The Greenwell philosophy maintains that true inclusion is removing the physical, mental, and philosophical barriers so that everyone can truly participate, not just attend.

Greenwell is not a place for people with disabilities.
Greenwell is a place where a person’s disability is simply part of who they are.

Read more about inclusion from the Institute for Community Inclusion


History of the Greenwell Foundation

In the beginning…
In 1966, John Philip Greenwell, Jr. (1895 – 1986) established the Greenwell Foundation, and began long-term plans for his Southern Maryland estate. John Philip Greenwell was a true visionary. Long before the Americans with Disabilities Act, when many individuals with disabilities were still institutionalized, he envisioned a place where people with disabilities could come and experience the beauty of nature and the joy of outdoor recreation, just like anyone else. To that end, he donated his property to the state of Maryland.

The park opened to the public in the mid-1990s. In 1997, the Greenwell Foundation began offering active programming with a Therapeutic Riding Program. Today, the Foundation offers a range of inclusive programs, striving to provide opportunities for all people of all abilities.

Through an innovative partnership with Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the property has been consistently upgraded to improve access to the buildings, grounds, and waterfront.


Greenwell Foundation Board of Trustees

Joe Anderson, President
John F. Tarrant, Esq., Vice President
Bob Randall, Treasurer
Jolanda Campbell, Executive Director
Lisa Blackwell
Noah Graeme
Ron Cooper
Marty Cooper


Greenwell Foundation Staff

The Greenwell Foundation staff is a small but hardworking group of people dedicated to carrying out the mission of the foundation.

Executive Director: Jolanda Campbell
Finance: Teri Dennis
Development: Barbara Wille
Equestrian Programs: Jenn Emmart
Nature-Based and Summer Camp Programs: Julia Zalesak
Program Support: Usha Iswara
Volunteers Coordinator: Position Available


The Greenwell Foundation is an independent entity, and is funded solely by program fees, donations, sponsorships, rental revenue, grants and gifts. The Foundation receives no financial support from the state of Maryland, or agency thereof including the Maryland Park Service or the Department of Natural Resources.

The Greenwell Foundation’s funding comes from a number of sources including the St. Mary’s County Commissioners, the United Way, grants, private philanthropy organizations, supporters, and members. A significant portion our operating budget is generated by program fees. Every effort is made to keep program fees as low as possible so that everyone may participate without creating a financial burden for them.

The Greenwell Foundation also works with a variety of organizations to obtain scholarships for program participants. These sources include the local ARC, the Department of Social Services, the Maryland Governor’s Office on Children, the SMECO Employee Contribution Committee, Special Olympics, Megan Mann Motorsports, Tidewater Dental, and Dr. Tim Modic through Smiles for Life and the Garth Brooks Foundation.

An innovative partnership between the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Greenwell Foundation provides the Foundation rent-free use of all park facilities and a substantial manpower contribution towards the overall upkeep of the park.