Carriage Driving Lessons

Have you ever wondered about driving horses?

Come learn in a safe environment what all the fuss is about. We have experienced horses and fully fitted carriages and carts. Lessons are for teens and adults ages 14 and over.

All lessons are individual lessons and will teach you everything you need to know from harnessing to navigating a course of cones. All equipment is provided.

Experienced instructors will show you how it is done and how much fun it is. Participants must wear boots and a helmet. Helmets may be borrowed from the foundation.
As with all of our programs, carriage driving is inclusive to participants with disabilities. Please contact us to allow us to determine what equipment would be needed.

This 8-week course will progress through:
1. Learning about the parts and purpose of the harness. Learning by actually harnessing a horse.
2. Long lining- navigating from the ground the skills needed to steer and handle the reins.
3. Ground driving- learning to communicate from the distance behind the horse. It is quite different. Using the long lines and practicing “go and whoa”
4. Hitching the horse- it is not as simple as just hooking up. Adjusting and making everything safe. How to balance the cart. Take a short drive.
5. A review of the purpose and part of the harness and hooking up to go for a drive.
6. More driving. Practice of “go and whoa” and navigating the large driving arena.
7. Driving and steering. Not as simple as it looks. Learning to navigate the cones course.
8. Driving Red Light;Green Light. Transitions in the cart.


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Cost:  $520

You may register for one or multiple sessions at a time with 50% payment due at registration and the remaining balance will be auto billed at the end of the 4th week of the session. Registering for lessons constitutes a commitment to pay.

2018 Session Calendar 
Driving Scholarship Application

Riding Lesson Cancellation Policy:

In the event that Greenwell Foundation cancels a lesson for any reason, the participant will receive a make-up lesson. Participants will be notified of a cancelation 3 hours before their lesson time.

In the event the participant gives 24 hours’ notice that they will need to cancel the lesson, the participant will receive one make- up lesson per session. If notice is not given more than 24 hours ahead, a make-up lesson will not be rewarded.