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Please call Julia at the office if you have ANY questions! 301-373-9775

How will I stay warm camping outside in winter weather?

If you have the appropriate (non-cotton) layers and gear from the “Packing List,” you should be cozy in your sleeping bag and tent. We can also teach you some extra stay warm tips for the super cold months. We’ll let you know about one of them now…Pour hot water into your refillable water bottle, just before bed, and snuggle it into your sleeping bag with you.


What is the Safety Plan?

  • There will be at least two supervising instructors, at all times, for up to 16 teens.
  • We will stay off of all hunting trails.
  • Dinner and possibly dessert will be warmed over a fire; however, all meat will be precooked.
  • A fire safety plan will be in place.
  • When we use knives for our crafts, we will use a tried and true training system.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or recreational drugs will be permitted.
  • The gates will be locked at 8:00 p.m.

Who are the instructors and what are their qualifications?

Meet Julia

Meet Andrew


How will I afford this program or convince my family to invest in this program?

Let your family know…

  • You will gain independence and leadership skills that will transfer into adulthood.
  • If you do your best and make a good impression, the instructors will want to hire you as a summer camp counselor (if you will be 16 years or older this summer), or they will want to have you as a Camp Buddy (if you will be 13-15 years old this summer). You will have the ability to offer unique skills that we are wanting to teach next summer.
  • Research has found that nature connection can lead to stress reduction, better performance in school, physical health, and overall wellbeing.

Put these weekends on your holiday or birthday wish list.


Mow lawns.

Ask a retired neighbor if you can clean, landscape, or do chores for them, in exchange for money, so you can attend this unique program. They would probably enjoy hearing stories of your adventures with us.

Do dishes every day for a month or two. This is how I got the first ever Gameboy from my parents. What is a Gameboy? It is an ancient form of handheld video game. Well not ancient, but almost 30 years old.


Which meals will be provided?

  • You should arrive full from lunch on Saturday.
  • We will provide dinner on Saturday evening…and maybe even dessert.
  • You will pack a breakfast for Sunday morning. Hot water will be provided for tea, instant coffee, or instant oats. We will have a cooler with ice to hold breakfast items that need to stay cool.
  • You will leave just before lunchtime on Sunday.
  • Snacks will be provided on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.


What will we eat on Saturday evening?

We will do most of our dinner cooking around an open fire. You will need to bring a pot or mug that can sit directly on hot coals, a fork, and a spoon. (See “Packing List” for more details.)

All meat will be pre-cooked for food safety. We will add chopped veggies, seasonings, and sauces to our pots or mugs before placing them on hot coals. We will need to be patient as we wait for our food to boil for a bit, before enjoying a delicious, hot meal around the fire with friends. We will sometimes cook in other ways as well.


Do I have to attend every weekend? 

No, however, you will get the most out of the scope and sequence if you do, since every weekend will be different. The more weekends you attend, the more likely you will gain skills that we look for in Camp Buddies and Counselors.


Will there be a bathroom?

Yes! We will have access to the office bathroom and there will be a Port-O-Potty next to our camping site.


Will we get to shower?

No, however, you will most likely be happy and dirty when it is time to go home on Sunday from all of the skills you learned and fun you had!


What do I need to pack?

Packing List


What is the mission of the monthly, weekend teen program?

We are dedicated to supporting teens in developing deep connections with the natural world, themselves, and each other in order to feel a deep sense of wellbeing, belonging, and knowing that their actions make a difference.


Please call Julia at the office if you have ANY questions! 301-373-9775