Nature Adventurers

(formerly Adventure Camp)

Why is Nature Adventurers Camp different? Campers are provided the opportunity to go deeper with learning outdoor skills and explore further into the park with longer hikes.

Part of Nature Adventurers Camp is letting the group direct what activities they would like to do by coming up with new and exciting adventures. The staff has the freedom to be creative when making these fun adventures come to life.

    • Campers will have an opportunity to go on a kayak adventure during the week, possibly even traveling as far as the Hollywood Oyster Company.
    • Mid-week, campers will hike to the Manor House area where they can choose to build forts with bamboo, explore the gardens, play field games like capture the flag, or simply enjoy the breeze from the river.
    • Each afternoon, campers are provided an afternoon snack and each week there is a chance to make S’mores.
    • The week ends with “Tie-Dye Friday” for a take-home memory of the week at camp.


Nature Adventurers Camp is for children ages 7 – 14 (by first day of camp session).

Nature Adventurers Camp is offered for seven weeks of our summer camp program. Both AM and PM Extended care and Drop-In Extended Care is available


Each week has a theme:

Week 2: Forest Heroes Academy
Awaken your inner hero and prepare to fight evil by facing awareness challenges, completing obstacle courses, playing games, and carrying out secret missions.

Weeks 3 & 6: Hidden Forest Trailblazers
We have scouted out poison ivy free pockets of forest for this camp! Explore off trail, chart unchartered territory, play forest games, set camera traps, and create maps or field guides. Share stories, adventures, maps, guides, and/or camera trap pictures with other Greenwell campers.

Weeks 4 & 11: Nature Art & Wild-crafting
Learn about nature sculpture artists including Andy Goldsworthy, Olga Ziemska, and Anne Gillespie and mud mural artist, Yusuke Asai. Create all natural paint brushes, natural pigment paints, and nature sculptures. Construct crafts using natural materials.

Week 8: Nature’s Bounty Chefs
Learn about what plants need to survive, food webs, producers, consumers, decomposers, and dynamic equilibrium through fun games and activities. Follow a healthy snack recipe each day using food grown locally. Don’t worry; you will still be able to eat S’mores one day this week.

Week 10: Survival Skills
Learn the survival rules of 3 and how to prioritize in a survival situation through stories, games, and activities. Build a survival shelter, take part in a friction fire demo, purify water, try a few wilderness cooking techniques, and make cordage.

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