Veterans’ Programs

The Greenwell Foundation offers veterans opportunities to participate in its inclusive and accessible programs including Horseback Riding, River Riders Kayaking, Vets Helping Vets, and Operation Warrior Refuge. All of these activities have therapeutic value for our nation’s recovering servicemen and women.

We’re looking for people, including veterans, to volunteer with these programs. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information and/or more events.


Vets Helping Vets links generations of veterans. Both recent and seasoned veterans have a common bond to be discovered through an afternoon fishing on a pier or enjoying a waterside picnic lunch. The opportunity to share experience and knowledge in a peaceful outdoor setting can help vets with traumatic brain injuries or PTSD in a way that is quite different from “being helped.”

Special thanks to the Lions Club of Hollywood, MD, Pot Belly Sandwich Shop of California, MD, and Mission BBQ for their support of this program.


Horseback Riding has tremendous therapeutic value. Benefits include improved core strength, balance, and posture, increased attention span, discovery of empowerment, sense of structure, and social interaction with the instructors, other participants, and the horses. These benefits transfer to daily life.


Camp Host Homes An Outdoor Health Initiative, is a plan to construct two non-traditional housing units to be used by displaced veterans. Learn more >>


Operation Warrior Refuge offers accessible treatment for military, veterans, and first responders who experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). OWR utilizes Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) which is an on the ground, hands on approach to therapy using horses. This program is led by a team consisting of a combat warrior, a therapist, a horse trainer and a horse. Together, they have formed a therapeutic program for warriors that utilize psychotherapy to reboot, retrain, and renew their lives. Learn more >>



Due to a critical need for services for military veterans, the Greenwell Foundation has created the Veterans’ Fund. Help support the Veterans’ Fund.