Greenwell Foundation: Living Our Mission Every Day!

Greenwell Foundation is a place where you can be you! As individuals, we all have a variety of interests, goals, and challenges. As human beings, we all deserve the opportunity to thrive. Spending time in an outdoor environment whether it is with a horse or on the water promotes emotional and social well-being, improves awareness of self and others, and provides increased confidence and self-esteem.

Let us be your guide while exploring and interacting with nature. Our activities are the perfect fit for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors in an inclusive, supportive, and safe environment. Greenwell Foundation’s skilled instructors and guides will make sure your activities or experiences are tailored to fit your interests, goals, and needs. Our location, inside Greenwell State Park, provides the perfect setting while adding variety to our outdoor activities and experiences.

Greenwell Foundation serves the needs of our community by offering inclusive programs to individuals, families, centers, and businesses.

Our Vision: A healing destination where people of all abilities find opportunities for growth nourished by nature, state-of-the-art programs, history, a sense of peace, and the loving kindness of an evolving community.

Our Mission: To provide educational, therapeutic, and recreational programs for people with and without disabilities in a natural environment at Greenwell State Park