Our Equestrian Program is Inclusive, Flexible & Fun!

Greenwell Foundation offers horse experiences and activities for adults, children and people of all abilities. Our staff includes CAA, CHA, and  PATH Intl. certified riding instructors.


  • Riding Lessons (Age 7+)
  • Driving Lessons (Age 12+)
  • Confidence & Connection (Age 7+)


  • Trail Rides (Age 7+)
  • Horse Experiences (Age 5+)

We Provide:

  • An inclusive, supportive environment for all abilities and skill levels, no experience is required
  • Carefully selected staff, horses, and equipment
  • Flexibility by offering; experiences, activities, lessons, and sessions

Riding Lessons

Girl riding a horse at high speed

Ride a Horse

Driving Lessons

Person driving a horse drawn carriage

Drive a Horse Drawn Carriage


Trail of horses along a field of soybeans

Enjoy Scenic Trails on Horseback

Confidence and Connection

Person being assisted onto a horse by staff

Take your time, on the ground and then in the saddle

Horse Experiences

Young girl excited to experience horseback riding

Try it! Birthdays, Pony Packing, Scouts Groups and more