OPEN THE OUTDOORS – Guided Hikes and Meditation

Spent too much time indoors recently? Join us for some guided mindfulness practice and peaceful relaxation in the beautiful outdoors!

Guided Hike with Meditation – Owl Box

Not familiar with the trails of Greenwell?  Looking to adventure a bit with some relaxation?  Try out a guided hike to a special spot and do some mediation. 

A guided hike with guided meditation is a short hike to a spot in a little clearing under trees overlooking a salt marsh. There we have stumps to sit on; quiet and stillness with peaceful sounds of nature.  Once there, the staff member will begin the 15 minutes of guided meditation. Then we will hike back to the parking lot.

Pony Pack – White Trail

Want to hike a trail and take a short break with a snack, but don’t want to carry all your gear; waters, snacks, etc..?  We offer a guided hike to a serene location with a pack pony!

Our pack pony will carry your gear as we hike out to a picnic area where we will stop for a snack.  On the way there and back we will pass by a historic building and have many photo opportunities.

Guided Meditation with Goats – Mindful Meadow

Want to try a new type of meditation?  Try our Guided Meditation with goats!

Join us in the Mindful Meadow for some guided meditation.  Our three goats will join you for a different meditation.  Meditation with goats will help with patience and compassion.  The meditation may not be quiet or still, but it will definitely be an unique experience.


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How to dress, what to bring, and what to expect

For Outdoor Mindfulness, please wear closed toes shoes (crocs/keens/water shoes/old sneakers) and clothes that can get wet, painted (with washable paint), and/or muddy (just in case). Please bring a water bottle. Bring sunblock and bug spray if needed. Participants ae responsible for bringing any medication or other equipment they may need during the session.