Field Trips

Field Trips

Ages: 7 and up

Greenwell Foundation Field Trips provide opportunities for personal growth in an inclusive, safe, and supportive outdoor environment. Our location within Greenwell State Park provides the perfect setting for offering a variety of outdoor activities and experiences.

Field Trips are currently available in:
2 hour blocks of time for ages 7 to 16 years old
4 hour blocks of time for age 16 and up

Our Field Trip structure:

  • Welcome and Introductions, discussion of the day, agreement on rules and boundaries and goals and objectives
  • Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT)
    Teams participate with Greenwell Foundation’s wonderful herd of horses and ponies to successfully meet cooperative challenges.
  • Cooperative Games and Challenges
  • Require encouraging your fellow participants, lending a hand, and working through a challenge to the end. These opportunities can often encourage the development of natural leaders, and greatly assist in reconnection.
  • Team Building Activities
  • Challenge participants in a totally different way, while encouraging mutual support, pride in accomplishment, humor and fun!
  • Reflection and Meditative Time
  • Time for thinking and resting that creates an environment for shared experiences and camaraderie. One of our quiet beaches on the Patuxent River or natural gathering spaces are perfect for this activity.

Sharing Time
As a group, we explore and share our thoughts on the day; what happened, what did you like, what was hard, what did you learn? This time provides and increases mutual understanding between the students, resulting in the creation of new friendships.

Contact us for more information on scheduling a field trip! 301.373.9775