Greenwell offers Southern Maryland’s most inclusive and flexible horseback riding programs (7 years old and up) and equine encounters for adults and children (5 years old and up).

Many of our riding instructors are Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) certified and, in addition to traditional horseback riding lessons, summer camps, carriage rides and trail rides, we offer a wide range of therapeutic riding programs and equine-related activities for people of all ages and abilities.

No experience or equipment is needed to participate in our programs.



Riding Lessons

Inclusive private and group horseback riding lessons

Carriage Driving lessons

Experienced horses. Fully fitted carriages/carts

Trail Rides

Enjoy scenic trails on horseback

Horse Connection

Horsemanship skills to improve daily life

Confidence and Connection

Eight lessons that slowly build riding skills

Horse Experiences

Inclusive individual and group horse encounters.


Our Instructors are specifically hired and valued for these characteristics:

  • They are welcoming and kind
  • They teach in a non-competitive manner
  • They allow you to ‘go at your own pace’
  • They can modify or adapt lessons to your requests or needs
  • Many are PATH Intl certified
The mission of PATH Intl. is to ensure excellence and change lives through equine-assisted activities and therapies. We are one of the few locations in the area offering therapy-based programming for children and adults with disabilities, teens in foster care, at-risk youth, people who are partially homeless, women recovering from trauma, and those requiring mental health support.

We are a Horse Discovery Center as a part of the Maryland Horse Industry Board. These centers are carefully selected, licensed stables that are welcoming people of all ages and experience levels into their barns to learn about horses in a friendly and knowledgeable environment. Join us for Open Barn, our monthly Horse Discovery Center event that is free for the entire family!