Summer Camps

Summer Camp

Ages: 5 and up

The Greenwell Foundation’s camp programs are outdoor day camps designed to be fun, adventurous and provide opportunities for all campers to make new friends and experience new things.

Our highly trained staff  work to ensure that every activity is adapted to meet the needs of ALL campers by ensuring that all participate and all belong. This inclusive environment creates the best platform for fun, self-discovery, happiness and making new friends.

Safety is crucial at camp; sunscreen and water breaks are taken frequently to prevent sunburn and weather related guidelines and procedures are closely followed. We follow the American Camp Association accreditation standards to create a safe environment for all children to play and have a fun camp experience.

After all, fun is the ultimate goal!


Camp Details

Three children making a turtle out of sand

Answers to FAQ

Fishing Camp

Three kids fishing of a pier

Learn skills, have fun, and fish

Nature Explorers

Kids petting goats

Hike, craft, play, and discover the beauty of Greenwell

Camper Vs. Wild

Picture of pier through foliaged area

Outdoor Adventures


Two girls high fiving on horses over top of staff member

Ride, learn horseman-ship, and have fun!