Ages: 16 and up

Experience fun and rewarding outdoor opportunities while helping your community. Greenwell Foundation volunteers are an essential and meaningful part of providing outdoor programs to our participants in an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment.

Volunteering with us is much more than a regular gift of your time and service, it can provide:

  • Personal growth and enrichment for you and our participants
  • An amazing setting for volunteering outdoors; we are located on the Patuxent River within Greenwell State Park.
  • An added bonus of exploring, viewing wildlife, and relaxing!

Greenwell Foundation volunteer options include:

  • Equestrian Volunteers
    • Working with program participants and animals under the supervision of an experienced Greenwell Foundation staff member.
  • Group Volunteers
    • Working on projects that keep the Greenwell Foundation areas program ready.

Equestrian Volunteers

Group Volunteers

Volunteer Applications

Two people working on a fence