Equestrian Program Volunteer

Equestrian Volunteers

Horse Riding Activities

Ages: 16 and up

Important: Volunteering in the lesson program, horse care, and facility involves different types of; physical activity, strength, and outdoor settings. Please be sure you are comfortable with the physical requirements of the opportunity you take on.

Equestrian Volunteers Requirements:

  • Age 16 and up.
    With prior approval, ages 14 to 15 may volunteer if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Complete our application, waivers and releases and possibly a background check
  • Complete our orientation prior to volunteering.
  • Follow guidance, instructions/directions, and safety guidelines.
  • Work independently and/or well with others outdoors.
  • Ask questions when needed.
  • Assist an adult on and off a horse.
  • Walk/run through uneven terrain for an hour long lesson.

We can provide documentation of volunteer hours for promotions, community service, and awards upon request.

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